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Mini Christmas trees

Residents loved decorating their very own mini Christmas trees that will go in their rooms. The Christmas music went on, the Sherry was poured, and the decorating began!

Afternoon coffee

Today Liv and I took two of our gents out for coffee in the town, we also met up with Kelly, had a walk around the market and had a great time taking and laughing. Loving the sunshine.

Come on England

Our residents got in the spirit today, cheering England on to win the Euros, and making our own good luck shrine...and they only did it! They won. Made with love COME ON ENGLAND we can do this!!


The ducklings

Browlands received some duck eggs which we incubated and hatched in the home. Residents excitedly watched the eggs hatch and once the ducklings were out residents helped to set up a house for them and enjoyed lots of duckling cuddles and watching them explore together. We had a total of 5 ducklings named Donald, Daisy, Crispy, Paddy and Lucky. The ducklings have now returned to the farm where they will be living their best duck lives but everyone at Brownlands loved the experience and will miss the ducklings very much. 

Valentine's quiz

Residents and staff teamed up for a Valentine's quiz this afternoon, they all laughed at some of the raunchy questions, loved the music round and sang along together.

All have had a fantastic afternoon and were surprised with a delivery of some very delicious cup cakes from EPL Bakery.

Happy Valentine's Day from our home to yours!

Valentine's Day

Our dinning room is all decorated for the weekend of celebrating love. A huge thank you to “Netty” for some extra beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations. 

Our residents are receiving the first lot of Valentine’s Day cards through the post this morning.

Treats for Valentine's 

Today residents enjoyed making chocolate covered strawberries & bananas as yummy valentines treats. Our handsome chap Mr. M couldn’t resist being hand fed some chocolate strawberries, he responded with“ I still got it”

A burger on your birthday!

A huge happy 90th birthday! A birthday wish was a beef burger & fries from McDonald’s, what our residents want, they get! Today we celebrated our lovely lady turning 90 years old and after her cheese burger happy meal for lunch she was surprised with an afternoon tea party with fine china & a birthday cake!